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Based out of sunny Western Australia, we are proud to offer our products worldwide and ship internationally. We are inspired by remarkably creative and diverse communities and believe in making individuals look and feel beautiful. We strive to become the best and leading eyelash brand around the globe as we pride ourselves in premium quality products and continue to provide excellent customer service.


eyelashesSynthetic Eyelash

Our Synthetic lashes are handcrafted and designed to naturally accentuate all eye shapes.
We created these eyelashes for a softer, effortless look and feel.

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eyelashes 1Eyelash

Our eyelashes are 100% cruelty-free and emphasis the windows to your soul.

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eyelashes 2Mink Eyelash

Our Premium Luxe lashes are a striking variety of ultra-glamorous styles, giving you a more dramatic and fuller eye. Our delicately crafted, multi-layered hair designs, help achieve that intensified and voluminous look.

Handcrafted using 100% cruelty-free mink fibers.

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product-img Demetria

$35.00 $20.00

Fit for any eye size and shape, this demure look is natural and uber girl-next-door, surely to make your dream boy swoon! This is the pair that is perfect for any daytime occasion, whether it's work, going to lunch with friends or browsing the bookstore for a great read

product-img Alexandra


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product-img Maria


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product-img Kristina


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Bellissimo eyelashes stocks the finest synthetic and mink eyelashes. Bellissimo Eyelashes is founded by a beauty and makeup expert, who spent 4 years researching lashes from all over the world before choosing the top most flattering styles for every eye shape.

Our lashes are hand crafted using 100% sterilized premium mink hair and cruelty-free synthetic fibers.

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